Betty Semainda (chairperson)

Betty has over 30 years working experience in various auditing and finance positions of which 15 years with the Bank of Tanzania (BOT). The BOT is the central bank of the United Republic of Tanzania, responsible for establishing monetary conditions conducive to price stability.

Until 2008 Betty has been a Branch Director at the BOT in Mwanza (Lake Zone). In this position Betty was involved in improving the quality of the services provided to and by the Banking sector in the Lake Zone Region.

Before that she was a Director of Finance and a Director of Internal Audit at the BOT responsible for develop, implement and maintain internal BOT budgetary controls, ensure that internal control systems are adequate and functioning, asses effectiveness of laid down rules, regulations, procedures and policies of the BOT and compliance thereto.

Betty was a Board Member of National Insurance Corporation Limited until 2008 and is currently a Board Member of Tanzania Women Bank Limited (TWBL). TWBL is a "licensed financial institution" in Tanzania which aim is to empower women economically and socially. It serves all segments of society including low income earners, small businesses, large corporations and small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs).

Betty is a certified accountant from the Leeds Polytechnic Institute (UK).

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