Financial products

We believe in tailor making our financial products to meet your needs. We do this by providing: 

  • Crop Finance - to purchase raw materials, agricultural or other seasonal products during the harvest period. 
  • Input Finance - to assist your suppliers with agricultural inputs such as seeds, fertilizers and pesticides, particularly those under contract farming arrangement. 
  • Company Investment Finance - to invest in your factory and expand your processing capacity.
  • Farm Investment Finance - to finance your suppliers to invest in their farm, i.e. purchase of land preparation equipment (ploughs, irrigation, hand tools etc.) or different processing equipment. 

Non-financial products

  • Management accounts and bookkeeping support - to enable you to reconstruct the past financial performance and to assist you setting up a system that enables you to track your income and costs as well as manage your finance.
  • Business plan development and financial projections - to help you to prepare the fundamental documentation for SME Impact Fund or any other financier and to enable you to determine your loan requirement as well as your loan repayment ability.

Basic terms of our products

Disbursement & Repayment

  • A loan tenure of 1 to 5 years
  • A grace period (for the principal) of maximum 3 months
  • Prior to disbursement, securities need to be perfected
  • Fees & Interest: facilitation fee 2% (excl. VAT), interest from 19% per annum (on declining balance)

‚ÄčNon financial products

  • TZS 0.5 million for management accounts and bookkeeping support
  • TZS 1 million for business plan development, including financial projections

We wish to develop sustainable businesses for a brighter future. 

Competitive advantages

We have in-depth understanding of agricultural value chains in Tanzania and hands on experiences in assisting you to understand and grow your business. Our loan application and appraisal process is quick, transparent and addressing your needs. We are genuinely concerned about your business and hence, our terms are more flexible than other financial institutions. Also, we wish to retain you as a client for a number of loan cycles. Contact us to make your entrepreneurial dream come true!