The latest news about SME Impact Fund, impact investing and agricultural development in East Africa. Read the interviews with agricultural Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs): what are the challenges and opportunities they face as entrepreneur in Tanzania?    

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    Striving to grow: the impact fund helping SMEs in Tanzania
    The Common Fund for Commodities (CFC) published an article about SME Impact Fund (SIF) in which they explain why they invest in in Read more

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    State of the Sector Report - agricultural finance sector
    The 2021 CSAF State of the Sector Report focuses on the resilience and solidarity of the agricultural finance sector throughout COVID-19, sh Read more

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    Workshop for our brand ambassadors
    Happy and satisfied clients are the best brand ambassadors with their authentic testimonies and worth-of-mouth promotion. That’s why w Read more

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    “This industry is not a level playing field”
    Tanzanian entrepreneur Leopord Lema, director of Mwanza Quality Wine, tells us about the banana wine industry, the challenges he faces as ba Read more

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    State of the Sector - lending to agri-SMEs
    The Council on Smallholder Agricultural Finance (CSAF) published an interesting report in which they reflect on the present and future impac Read more

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    “The government pays a better price, but irregular”
    Tanzanian entrepreneur Tryphone Male, director of Trimale, tells us about the challenges he faces as agri-food trader and why he choose to d Read more