The latest news about SME Impact Fund, impact investing and agricultural development in East Africa. Read the interviews with agricultural Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs): what are the challenges and opportunities they face as entrepreneur in Tanzania?    

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    ‘Business Development Services (BDS) for SMEs’ project kicked off
    After a month of intensive training, 4 new Business Development Services (BDS) advisors have travelled to Central Tanzania (Singidi and Kond Read more

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    Update portfolio development of SME Impact Fund - January 2015
    Our Investment Committee has approved one new loan proposal in December 2014.  After meeting the pre-disbursement conditions this Banan Read more

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    Match Maker Fund Management (MMFM) team on training
    MMFM team attended SME Credit Processing Program in Nakuru, Kenya. The training was conducted on 16th -18th September at The Great Rift Read more

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    Advisory Committee SME Impact Fund meets in Tanzania
    The fourth meeting of the Advisory Committee that governs SME Impact Fund (SIF) will be conducted in Arusha on 31st October in Arusha, Tanza Read more

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    Coming up: Investor trip of the SME Impact Fund in Tanzania
    Over the past 1,5 years already 6 investors in SME Impact Fund CV have visited Tanzania, the Match Maker Fund Management office and some of Read more

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    Investment Committee meeting on October 24th
    The last couple of months, the MMFM team has been working on preparing the next batch of loan proposals to be presented to the Investment Co Read more